Employee Fee Waiver Program



The Tuition Fee Waiver Program, established in 1975, provides eligible California State University employees the opportunity to attend classes at CSU campuses at reduced rates.  The authority to administer the program is based on Executive Order No. 491, supplemental policies issued by the Office of the Chancellor, and collective bargaining agreements. Eligible employees are encouraged to take advantage of  this valuable opportunity to increase their skills in their current work assignment, or better prepare them to achieve a career objective consistent with the needs of the University.

**PLEASE NOTE: Employee fee waivers apply to general fund courses only.  Courses offered through University Extension are not eligible.
Eligibility Table
Eligibility CriteriaEmployee Category
All unit members Unit 1
Full-time employees) permanent, probationary, temporary, hired at least six months) and part-time permanent employees Units 2, 4, 5,6, 7, 9

Faculty – Tenured and Probationary faculty unit employees, temporary faculty unit employees (excluding coaches) with three (3) year appointments, and FERP employees when teaching. Coaches must have at least six (6) consecutive years of service.

Unit 3
Full-time or part-time permanent employees and full-time probationary employees (no temporary employees) Unit 8
Confidential (C99)
Excluded (E99)
Executive (M98)
Full-time employees (includes temporary) MPP (M80)

Note:  An employee remains eligible, if he or she is on approved full or partial leaves of absence with or without pay. If the leave is for medical/health reasons, a statement is required from the health care provider.  Employees NOT eligible to participate are temporary part-time, continuing part-time and those who terminated employment.

Program Options

Three options are offered under the Employee Tuition Fee Waiver Program:

  1. Work Related– Courses to enhance the employee’s knowledge and/or skills necessary to perform the duties of the employee’s current position.  The employee is not a matriculating student of CSU, East Bay.  To apply, please complete the Tuition Fee Waiver Application - Self form and submit it to the Office of Human Resources by the deadline for each quarter of attendance.
  2. Career Development – For the purpose of earning credits toward a degree to enhance upward movement.  The employee is a matriculating student of a CSU campus and taking courses for credit toward such degree.  Employees applying for Career Development for the first time (or after an absence of two quarters) must apply for admission to and be accepted by the University as a student upon their own merits.  (Contact admissions for an application and deadlines.) To apply, please complete the Tuition Fee Waiver - Self form and submit it to the Office of Human Resources by the deadline for each quarter of attendance.
  3. Dependent Tuition Fee Waiver Transfer – Employees eligible for the CSU Tuition Fee Waiver program may transfer their existing tuition fee waiver benefit to one eligible dependent each term.  The dependent must be a matriculating student working toward a degree at a CSU campus and taking courses for credit to meet the degree’s requirements.  While participating in this program, the employee may not participate in the Work Related or Career Development Program for that term.  To apply, please complete the Dependent Tuition Fee Waiver form and submit it to the Office of Human Resources by the deadline for each quarter of attendance.

Tuition Fees

Please follow the instructions in the Class Schedule, which outlines options for payment of tuition fees. The following tuition fees are for the academic year and are subject to change without advance notice by the Trustees of the California State University.  Employees taking courses in addition to the tuition fee waiver courses shall pay the difference in tuition fees.  All other tuition fees shall be at the regular rates. This benefit applies to CSU general fund courses only. Courses in self-support programs may not be taken through tuition fee waiver.

**For reimbursement of the CSU Mentor application fee, please submit a copy of the CSU Mentor Application Confirmation (the last page of the application) along with the tuition fee waiver form. The application fee will NOT be reimbursed without a copy of the confirmation.

Work Related and Career Development Programs for Employee
Bargaining Unit2 courses only Undergraduate or GraduateMore than 2 courses UndergraduateMore than 2 courses GraduateDoctoral
All Units $3.00 $766.00 $944.00 $2,407.00
M80 and C99 $3.00 $766.00 $944.00 $3.00

**PLEASE NOTE: The full Tuition Fee is waived if an employee takes only two courses that exceed 6.0 units.

Dependent Program

Bargaining Unit6 units or less Undergraduate or GraduateMore than 6 units UndergraduateMore than 6 units GraduateDoctoral
Units 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9   $358.00 $1,124.00 $1,302.00 $2,770.00
Units 1, 6, 8, M80, C99 $45.00 $811.00 $989.00 $2,452.00

Application Process

The Tuition Fee Waiver Coordinator in the Office of Human Resources administers the Tuition Fee Waiver Program.  Tuition Fee waiver applications and Individual Career Development Plan forms are available in the Office of Human Resources.  A Tuition Fee Waiver application must be submitted each quarter to the Office of Human Resources by the deadline to ensure continuous participation.


The deadlines are set to meet enrollment and registration needs. All participants must submit their Tuition Fee Waiver applications to the Office of Human Resources no later than the specified term deadline.  PLEASE NOTE: Late Fee Waivers WILL NOT be accepted after the quarter begins.

Quarter TermDeadlineSemester TermDeadline
Summer 2015 May 22, 2015 All Terms Contact Campus of Attendance
Fall 2015 August 28, 2015    
Winter 2016 November 20, 2015    
Spring 2016 February 26, 2016    

Use of Release Time

An employee may take one course during regularly scheduled working hours, providing the supervisor approves the request, based on the operational needs of the unit. If the operational needs are not met, the supervisor may either deny the request, or may allow the employee to adjust the work schedule. If more than one course is taken during scheduled working hours, the supervisor must approve the adjusted schedule.

Intercampus Enrollments

In some instances, employees may need to enroll at another CSU campus. There is no release time for attendance or travel to and from another CSU campus. The Tuition Fee Waiver Coordinator provides certification that the employee is approved to take a work-related or career development course.  Contact the Tuition Fee Waiver Coordinator for further information.

Continued Participation

An employee must maintain normal academic standards to continue in the Tuition Fee Waiver Program.

Dependent Tuition Fee Waiver

Employees eligible for the CSU Tuition Fee Waiver program may transfer their existing tuition fee waiver benefit entitlement to an eligible dependent.  This benefit is subject to the following conditions:

  • The employee may transfer tuition fee waiver eligibility to only one dependent; therefore, employee cannot participate in the tuition fee waiver program during the dependent’s participation.
  • Eligible dependent must be matriculated toward a degree or teaching credential at a CSU campus.  Courses must count for credit toward a degree or credential.  Normal academic standards must be maintained.
  •  If both parents are eligible employees, each may confer a tuition fee waiver benefit -- even to the same dependent.
  • Approval is for one term only and must be re-established for each additional term of enrollment.  A Dependent Tuition Fee Waiver Application must be submitted for each term.
  • Eligible dependent may use the dependent tuition fee waiver eligibility at another CSU campus.  Enrollment in classes at other CSU campuses is subject to space availability. 
  • This tuition fee waiver benefit does not apply to out-of-state tuition. This benefit applies to CSU general fund courses only. Courses in self-support programs may not be taken through tuition fee waiver.

Employees eligible for participation in the CSU fee waiver program may transfer their existing fee waiver benefit entitlement to only one person at a time who is a spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child.

Dependent child is defined as (1) your child or stepchild under age 25 (under age 23 for UAPD (Unit 1) and SUPA (Unit 8)) who has never been married; (2) a child living with you in a parent-child relationship who is economically dependent upon you, under age 25 and has never been married; or (3) your child or stepchild age 25 or above who is incapable of self -support due to a disability which existed prior to 25.

Domestic Partnership as defined by the State of California: Same-sex domestic partnerships between persons who are both at least 18 years of age, OR opposite sex domestic partnerships when one or both persons are over the age of 62 and one or both partners meet the specified eligibility criteria under the Social Security Act.  DOCUMENTATION NEEDED:  Domestic Partnerships meeting these requirements are eligible to register with the Secretary of State a Declaration of Domestic PartnershipForms are available  in  the Office of Human Resources, SA 2600.

Tax Issues

By coordinating the three Internal Revenue Code Sections [ (1) Qualified Tuition Reduction under Internal Revenue Code Section 117(d); (2) Educational Assistance Programs under Internal Revenue Code Section 127; and  (3) Working Condition Fringe Benefits under Internal Revenue Code Section 132(d)]  under the CSU Tuition Fee Waiver Reduction Program, the following tax-free or taxable benefits are available to CSU employees and their eligible dependent.

Tax Issues
Eligible ParticipantCourse Level(s)Tax Status
CSU Employee


Nontaxable up to $5,250
(unless job-related)
Employee’s Spouse/Dependent Child Undergraduate
Employee’s Domestic Partner Undergraduate

*Effective January 1, 2002

Need more information?  Contact the Tuition Fee Waiver Coordinator at 510-885-3634.



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