The goal of our Statistical Consulting Laboratory is to develop the consulting skills of our graduate students through the practical application of statistics. The Statistics and Biostatistics Department faculty will provide mentoring for students as they discuss, accept, carry-out and complete assignments.

The advantages to those using our services will include direct contact with Department faculty and guaranteed quality for services contracted.

It is our aim to provide flexible service to the campus and local community in the areas of data collecting, data entry, and data analysis. Applicable rates will be reasonable and competitive for students, researchers and businesses.

Small projects with assistance involving only faculty advice may have no associated fees otherwise, fees will generally only apply to student work with overhead charges providing a small amount of support for the University, Department, Laboratory, and computing facilities.

Contact the Laboratory's Director, Eric Suess at (510) 885-3879 or e-mail him. Any Departmental faculty member will also be willing to assist.

New students admitted into the Department's degree programs who are interested in participating in Statistical Consulting should contact the laboratory's director soon after admission.

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