Leadership Conference

Fall 2014 Student Leadership Conference 

Past keynote speakers

People, Purpose & Passion: The Pathway to Success! Take part in the leadership conference in a different way. Meet new people, gain new skills and even put it on your resume! Be a part of a program that impacts the whole CSU East Bay community! Let's make this a great opportunity for students.

This years theme is to focus on the pathway to success and specifically focusing on:

  1. The People! Everyone's important and contributes to the CSUEB community
  2. Purpose! Clubs and Organizations each have their own purpose that creates the diverse climate at CSUEB
  3. Passion! Without passion we can't be motivated to make an impact

All activities will be centered around these 3 ideas to give student leaders the skills to be successful in their leadership roles!

Please contact Student Life and Leadership programs if you have any questions. 510-885-3657.

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